Cuba Travel- Swimming in Turquoise Waters in The Wilderness

Sancti Spiritus, the pool in the mountains. No, there was no church, but the view was divine. In the morning we set out to go to the waterfall in the mountains; I was still in Trinidad, as I had told you in the previous post. The sunshine of Cuba was so beneficial, its light was blessing your soul, and the fresh air was clearing the mind. We woke up early and had a huge breakfast (I would say extra-Cuban but that could have been perceived as a universal breakfast: freshly squeezed mango juice, bread with butter, fried eggs, fresh and juicy fruits, cheese, and of course, the endless typical Cuban coffee with milk. Delicious!

I left with my crazy people on the mountain. No, we did not start climbing mountains as high as Everest, and in no case on foot. We went with two buggies, improperly said, two improvised carts, with a bench and seats for a maximum of 3 people. It was so peaceful, so green, so clean, so pure… virgin forests in a world of war. Were we not the luckiest people on earth?

Myself, Beau, and Gabriel were riding together, Jordan and Pablo in the other cart, ahead of us. We were laughing because we were actually moving so hard on the fragile bench, it was like a carousel. We finally arrived, after almost an hour. We got off the cart and had to walk for another 10-15 minutes through the woods and mountain paths until we reached the pool. It was actually a waterfall, which had now become a natural pool, due to the lack of rain; it had the clear blue water, clean and cold, it was like a blessed oasis in the middle of an emerald paradise.

I had recently learned how to swim, so the first thing I did was dive directly into the water. I didn’t know how deep it was, how cold, or if I was going to hit my head (lol); after all, it didn’t even matter. We started to swim in the crystal clear water, and it seemed that it was only us, that we had our own natural pool in the middle of the unknown. Us, our improvised little bar, and the guy who was serving us mojitos inside of coconuts. We’d stayed there for several hours until noon when the sun began to hide behind the clouds.

In the evening we went outside, I don’t know who told us to go to a cave. I was like “What? Now, at night”? “No, wait, there’s a club in a cave”. Wow, that’s even more interesting, so to speak, now you’ve convinced me. Without much convincing needed, I accepted the challenge. It was somewhere outside the city, on a country road; it was getting even weirder. We had arrived at the club, “La Cueva” it was in a cave; from the surface, nothing could be seen or heard. I thought it was kind of a small place with music in two speakers. We got in, and went down about two floors; it was huge, in-depth, in height, and width. The sound was perfect, and the lights were fascinating. It was indeed a club, very, very special. That night I realized that maybe, just maybe, nothing is random in life and that the eyes can actually speak volumes.

After two hours of sleep, at seven we set off to other parts of wonderful Cuba, to Cienfuegos, still with my crazy people. The beaches were beautiful, the water so clear and warm, the sand so fine. In the house I was staying in, it was enough to open the back door, and you were stepping on the beach. It was indeed a blessing, and I was thinking, looking at the palm trees by the water, with their roots in the sand- are they not, in their simplicity, much happier than the people of our metropolises who would give anything to live a similar life?

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