St. Mark’s Summit- One Of The Best Hikes in Vancouver

St. Mark’s Summit is located in Cypress Park, Vancouver, Canada. It is only 45 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver. The elevation gain is 460 meters, and the hike begins at a ski station on Cypress Mountain, so you are already almost at the top of the mountain. But don’t be deceived, because the view at the top is definitely out of the ordinary.

If you are a fan of pretty short hikes, intermediate difficulty, with stunning scenery waiting for you at the peak, than this one is for you!

The roundtrip is about five hours, depending on your condition and body shape, and it’s a course of 11 km in total.

My partner and I wanted too go somewhere in the weekend since it was a very nice weather, so amongst the several amazing hike spots around Vancouver area, we chose this one because…you can see it for yourself, the pictures were speaking a thousand words.

We arrived there at 12 pm, and the parking lots were already almost full. It was pretty crowded since it was Sunday and obviously everyone wanted to be outside, spending time with their family and even doggies (yes, it is suitable for dogs too!).

The pace can be pretty fast, since there are a lot of tree roots serving as stairs; it is a continuous uphill rate, but also parts of the way that it’s just as a walk in the park (literally). If you are in good shape and friends with cardio, you’ll get up there in no time.

Honestly what I love about a good hike is the feeling of peace that you get walking in the woods, the silence, the bird songs, the fullness of nature, the little escape from the cities and our day-to-day life. It brings you closer to Mother Nature and to our roots as living beings on this planet.

We arrived at the top after almost 2 hours, but we kept a fast pace. I was expecting for it to take longer than that, but I was pleased to see that it actually went way faster.

The view at the peak is absolutely sublime! You get to see the ocean and the other islands who look so small from there. If you’re lucky and it’s a sunny and bright day your eyes will feel blessed. I was honestly in awe of all that beauty, and I felt so happy that we decided to go there and that we were able to witness that miracle of nature.

As I was standing on that rock at the very extremity I was just thinking how small we are, and also how lucky that we can see all that astonishing landscape. I won’t lie, it can cause some dizziness if you get too close to the edge. It is just so high!

Overall it was a good day. I always have a feeling of relief and accomplishment when I go to a an stunning place that I know for sure I will remember even when I will be 80 years old. Such a great experience.

If you ever got the chance to go see St. Mark’s Summit, don’t hesitate. It will be an incredible experience.

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