This Is Why You Have To Visit Marrakesh 

Marrakesh is a former imperial city in Western Morocco, a major economic center, and the fourth largest city in Morocco. It dates back centuries, with an amazing culture and historical buildings, the old city walls dating back to the Berber Empire and civilization. It is an explosion of colors, crowds, aromas, and an infusion of colors and spices, enchanting your spirit and senses.

Marrakech is called the Red City.

The ancient red walls of the city were built in 1122-1123 by Ali Ibn Yusuf of beaten red clay that was found in the surrounding hills, during the resistance of the Almohads. The various buildings constructed in red sandstone in the afterward period gave the city the name of the Red City. 

Nowadays new buildings, houses, alleys, and plazas have almost the same red-pinkish color, and the direct sunlight makes them shine beautifully between the high palm trees.

The local people probably want to keep the same aesthetics of the buildings as the old ones, which brings to life a beautiful symbiosis between the old and the new lifestyle. 

The city is filled with Hammams 

If this word is unknown or weird to you, let me tell you you’re missing out! But I’m here to explain:hammams are traditional Arabic spas and saunas, with origins in Turkish culture and before that in the Roman bath houses. It is a place where women and men gather separately in different locations to relax and cleanse; there are professional hammam workers who help you scrub and clean your skin and hair.

A number of sinks and showers are located in the place to rinse or cool off, lockers to keep your stuff, and changing rooms where you can get dressed. It is a must-do if you go to Marrakesh or any Morrocan city, for that matter. You can find them pretty anywhere, but make sure you speak some Arabic, or French at least, because it will be useful.

Marrakech is situated at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains

If you plan to get to the Atlas Mountains from Marrakesh, it is extremely easy. Since approaching the city you can already see the mountain’s skyline, which is unnecessary to say that the view is incredible. 

Marrakesh is very close to the High Atlas Mountains, at a distance of 55 miles. 

The town of Imlil sits at the base of Mount Toubkal, Morocco’s highest peak, and at the same time, it is the second tallest mountain in Africa. And the views are spectacular! By car is a distance of two hours, and you arrive in Imlil, which is a little travel hub as well, very worth visiting.

The Medina quarter is a Unesco World Heritage Site

Can’t go to Morocco without visiting the Medina! The one in Marrakesh, Jemaa el-Fna is definitely the kind you can’t miss. It is a maze of narrow streets, the artisan shops of clothes and spices at every corner, textile souks, and cobblestone lanes make it a special place to be at. 

It dates back to the 11th century when the first foundations took place, and it is enclosed by 16 km of gates and fortifications.

It is vibrant, it is colorful, it is crowded, and you can also get easily lost! Make sure you have a map, a guide, or a local to help you find the way easier, and avoid any uncomfortable situations.

The food is amazing!

It is needless to say that Moroccan food is indeed delicious. The mix of aromas, flavors, and spices makes it a unique cuisine, placed among the best ones in the world.

From traditional little restaurants to luxurious places, you can definitely find something to soothe your culinary senses and leave you with an unforgettable memory of Marrakesh.

It has great nightlife.

Oh yeah, the party is popping in Marrakesh. There is an enormous amount of clubs, luxury bars, restaurants, and outside gardens where you can go party all night long, without stopping. When the sun is setting on the beautiful red wall, the lights are turned on and people get together to celebrate life!

My experience:

I was amazed by the strong cultural identity that can be found in Marrakesh. Even with all the improvements in social life, the buildings, and the infrastructure, the way people live stayed pretty much the same; they managed to keep their traditions alive and going, and the food still tastes amazing after centuries, things that are really worth appreciating. It is indeed one of the places someone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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