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My name is Ana-Maria, and I am a freelance writer. I have always loved traveling and exploring new worlds and cultures. One day I took my backpack and my little luggage and left for a city on a different continent that I didn’t know, where I didn’t know anybody, and I wasn’t sure how it would all work out, but I knew for sure that it will change my life for the better. Now I am based in Canada and am amazed by its beauty while wandering the Rockies, the Pacific Ocean, and the countless rivers and waterfalls. I’ve previously spent some time in the US and it is one of the countries I was very fascinated with.

I’m in love with sunsets, waves, and new places. I write often about everything I see and think because it calms me down, it brings me peace and relief. I love exploring new parts of the world, I love learning about new cultures or habits, and meeting new people wherever I go. Currently working on my book and dreaming about some never-ending summer! Love more, love always, and never forget to enjoy every single second on this Earth! Such a blessing, to be able to explore. I hope you’ll have fun reading my stories. Thanks for being here!

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